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Dive into a fulfilling work environment where your talents can thrive. Join us today and embark on a rewarding journey with Modern Star!

Why Modern Star?

We’re an iconic Australian-owned business established in 1966, and we’ve now become the largest supplier of world-class brands and educational ‘hands-on’ resources to educational institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. One element that has remained consistent throughout our business’s growth is our dedication to fostering a fantastic workplace where individuals feel appreciated and valued.

Shape Leaders of Tomorrow

We are passionate about what we do. Our efforts and resources directly impact children’s learning and development.

Our Vision and Values


Unleashing boundless
imagination to fuel
innovation in every endeavor.


Infusing unwavering
enthusiasm into everything
we do, driving excellence


Tuning in to understand,
connect, and respond


Fostering an environment
where every voice is valued
and every perspective


Joining forces to chieve
more together, leveraging
diverse strenghts.

Inspire Learning

Igniting the thirst for
knowledge, growth, and
exploring in all we touch.

Take Action

Proactively turning ideas into
reality, making a tangible

Available Roles